La Pli I Donn by Cirquons Flex...

é uma performance multidisciplinar que mistura acrobacia, música, textos, vídeos... e gumboots, uma dança criada pelos mineiros negros sul-africanos quando limpavam  as suas botas. 
um espectáculo do Cirquons Flex que na quarta-feira apresentou-se aqui em Cape Town pela Alliance Française.

Written by Virginie Le Flaouter, Vincent Maillot and Christophe Rules 
Interpreted by Vincent Maillot 

You chase the rain. You share your downpours. You rage against umbrellas, raincoast and allweather jackets. 
Your moods, like the changing weather, are but insecurities. 
And the replenishing waters allow you to feel better. 
The water enters and leavers your body. 
“Tell me about the rain, I will tell you who you are” 
Rain is a matter of memory, 
You remember your father, I remember my father. 
You remember your father, I remember my father. 
You come from Brittany, from your rain, your drizzles, your oceano. 
You came all the way here, you “Zorey la moukat”1 
You discovered my island, we discover our island. 
No island belongs to anyone, no river, no ocean. 
And now, on your island, the rain is sweeping up everything. On our island, it sweeps up everything. 
The heavy rain that beats down on our sheet metal roofs – softly, violently – is never forgotten. 
Save the parcels of land. Create small islands of survival. 
Save the parcels of land. Create small islands of survival. 
Your vital rain that quenches the nourishing fields also inundates us, 
You, the woman from Brittany – and all of us – are islanders, with our imaginations, our oceans; at times Atlantic, at times Indian, all iodine, belonging to the same world… 
Stories of travellers; you, the traveller; sea explorers, loving farmers, 
Those who dance for sacrifices and feasts; rainmakers, 
You, the naked nomad woman walking on my island, on our island; you, who sing and call the rain, 
We cut down the rain tree to create a space without clouds, but today our heads are empty, there are no stores. 
Rain of memories that pass through you, that pass through me, that pass through us… 
Do you remembers your father, or when you left for Montreal? 
He remember his mother, I remember my father, I remember the 27th of December 2012. 
I miss my island, we miss the elders, 
Rain of memories and absence, 
But the cyclones, the downpours, the floods are “La pli donn”2, “La pli donn” to us 
We cut the rain tree to make a space without clouds, 
But today our heads are empty, and there are no stores. 

1. Zorey la moukt: A Reunionese-Creole expression, pejoratively designates a European/white person/French person from Metropolitan France. 
2. La pli i donn: Creole expression meaning in French «il pleut à verse» (it is pouring with rain).